Offshore Medic

  • Job Sector: Subsea
  • Location: Offshore - Worldwide
  • Job Type: Permanent
  • REF: VC79
  • Date Posted: 5 Jun 2018
Description of function

The Medic provides medical services to all crew members and is on call 24/7 when on-board the vessel. 

Job responsibilities
  • Ensures that the stock of medical and nursing supplies is kept at the required level at all times.
  • Arrange any required Medevac cases in accordance with Client protocols
  • Maintain patient confidentiality always, supported with clear and concise medical records in line with Company Records and Record Keeping Policy
  • Maintain the sickbay attendance log, including Patient information on medications taken and known allergies
  • Management of clinical waste and routine cleaning of the sick bay
  • Ensure all medical equipment are functional, regularly inspected and maintained, including calibration of required items in accordance with manufacturers guidelines
  • Lead first aid team and co-ordinate all first aid team activities and regular training
  • The Medic is responsible for the organization of preventative healthcare
  • Supervision of physical and mental health of personnel
  • Administration of first aid treatment
  • Supervision of medical emergency preparedness procedures
  • Control of hygienic standard on the rig, and registration of chemicals and medical substances.

Experience –
• Registered nurse with experience from the emergency department, paramedic or similar
• Valid Offshore Survival & Medical Certification
• Experience in Offshore Subsea Industry

Skills –
• Reporting skills
• Organizational skills
• Computer literacy
• Strong team player
• Excellent communications skills, written and verbal
• Analysis and problem solving

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